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Is Podcasting Right for You?

Is this right for you? Maybe it is right right now and maybe it is not. But there are a couple of other things to think about for you. Will this be fun? I enjoy this. This is almost as big of a rush as public speaking. I love it. I am not giving it

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Getting More In-Depth about Podcasting

Show notes, transcripts, and graphics. I do show notes. I do transcripts so there is something on my website for Google to see, something for them to read and for people to read. The transcript gives me content.

Editing Your Podcast

Editing. This is what it looks like in Audacity. That’s a sound wave. And you can spread it out even more. And I am really good at spotting and’s and um’s. Boy, I am the um counter of editing in Audacity.

Recording Your Podcast

I am recording on this app for Rode mike. This is a Rode Smart Lav. There is also a thing called Bossjock, which allows you to record on a smartphone and edit. And you can edit in the Rode, by the way, as well.